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The World's First AAA Crypto Game Driven by Artificial Intelligence

NetBorn is a blockchain-based PC game that allows players to buy, sell and trade their digital assets and participate in 3 highly entertaining game modes.

Explore the open world

Step into a world of battles, trading, pet breeding, and connection with others. Find adventure or relaxation in our immersive world. Train your pets for epic battles and explore the limitless possibilities of this thrilling world!

Experience Artificial Intelligence

Explore the future of gaming with our AAA title featuring advanced AI technology. Immerse yourself in a dynamic world where AI adapts to your every move. Join the revolution and experience how AI is transforming gaming.

Clothes collections

NetBorn is an Ethereum AI game with a world full of digital assets. You can customize your avatar with NetBorn clothing collections that can be minted as NFTs in our marketplace. These NFTs can be traded on opensea and with other players in-game. Become a NetBorn champion today!.

Fly like an angel

Fly through the skies with the wings of a bird, or glide with the grace of a butterfly. This game is all about collecting NFTs. You can collect many different items in the game, including weapons and armor, but the most valuable items are wings.

Luxury vehicles

Our luxury car collection is a must-have for any open-world experience. Spawn them from your inventory and show off your collection to the world. Collecting cars and skins adds to the fun and gives a sense of pride.

Breed your own pets

The Netborn game allows you to breed your own NFT pets, who will follow you through the game and help you out with fighting and collecting of drops and materials. You can choose from a wide range of pets such as cats, wolfes, eagles, dinosaurs or even dragons!

Michal Matejcek

CEO of LIMITLESS STUDIO Corporation, with expertise in managing successful projects and a deep understanding of blockchain, game development, and more. The true mastermind behind the NetBorn project.


Video Games enthusiast and developer specializing in visual scripting, 3D graphics and level design. Published and participated in creation of several games like Catch the Head, S.C.A.R., Phobos Subhuman and others.


Sound technician who has experience from various game projects working with wwise and blueprints. Currently studying Sound and Music for Interactive Game MSc at Leeds Beckett University.


Experienced game developer and 3D Assets creator with more than 5 years of experience. Worked on various projects and created a big survival game called Journey of Life.


Has more than 9 years of experience in game development industry. Has worked for Sumo Digital on HOOD: Outlaws & Legends and Starbreeze Studio on big projects like Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Days Gone, Prey and other big titles.


Experienced 3D modeler and environment artist with experience from companies like SANZUSOFT, Froggy Frog Games and Underdog Virtual. She has worked on several gaming projects even as a concept artist.


One of the most experienced members of the team with more than 8 years in the gaming industry. Specializes in 3D, Environment creation, character design and many more aspects of the game development. Has worked on projects like Euro Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and more.


C++ engineer with experience from companies like Dirty Bird Games LLC and UnderDog Virtual Interactive. Worked on games Phobos Subhuman and XIO Survival.


2D artist who loves creating concepts and designs. Studying at art college for Bachelor degree. Has worked on various projects including logos, book covers, 2D game assets and more. Art and games are his biggest passion.


Professional C++ engineer with experience in all gaming fields specializing in AI and multiplayer functions. Has worked for Clueless Bunch and participated in GMTK Game Jam 2022 with 5 mobile game releases.

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